Though Cyprus only hit the front pages in the last month, its crisis has been years in the making. Athanasios Orphanides was governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus from 2007 to 2012, giving him a seat on the European Central Bank's governing council and oversight of Cyprus' banks. In an interview with The Economist, Mr Orphanides gives his views on how the crisis came about: exposure to Greece and the global financial crisis; decisions by the former communist government (with whom Mr Orphanides had a strained relationship); and flawed decisions by Europe's governments. Mr Orphanides was raised in Cyprus, received his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was an adviser at the Federal Reserve Board. He is now a lecturer at MIT and a fellow at the Center for Financial Studies at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. The following is an edited transcript of the interview, conducted over the telephone and in writing in the last week.

Give us the political and historical background for how Cyprus ended up in the euro area..."


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